I Pseudo-Analyze Quotes.

“Eventually soulmates meet, for they have the same hiding place”  —  Robert Brault

Okay, yeah, I was going to multi-task and write a college essay-blog, because really that’s what I should be doing but I saw this quote on Tumblr and it was literally the only reason I remembered that I had to write this in the first place. So let’s do that instead.

The thing is, sometimes we’re ashamed of our hiding places. And in a way, that makes sense because if you went around advertising what your hiding place is, it wouldn’t be much of a hiding place after all. Maybe our hiding places shouldn’t be secrets, though.

So here: My hiding place is writing; it is talking when no one else is listening. It is watching episodes of How I Met Your Mother for the sixth time; it is listening to Christmas music in the middle of September. It is reading the backs of cereal boxes and it is drinking coffee without sugar to pretend I’m an adult. And yes, my hiding places are actions because they move with me wherever I go.

Freud calls those things regressions, because they let you go back to a happier time, but to me, hiding places are not about the past. Hiding places are about who I am, right now. Because I don’t know if this goes for everyone, but I don’t go to my hiding places to be alone. I go to my hiding places to be myself.

While the fact that we sometimes have to go to our hiding places to be ourselves doesn’t sound all that ideal, I actually think it’s better that way. Because yeah, it’s important to be yourself and all that, but the kinds of hiding places that I’m talking about aren’t meant to hide who you really are. They’re meant to protect the things that are most special to you. And I don’t even mean “protect” in the sense that they keep people out. Hiding places protect these things from becoming mundane to you, even when they’re mundane to everyone else. Hiding places allow these things to remain sacred, to retain their aura of infinity.

The other thing about hiding places is that you can’t create them yourself. I know I’m breaking all the rules about what a conventional hiding place should be, but the one thing that is true of all hiding places is that they make you feel safe. These are the places we go to when the real world just doesn’t work out, and we just need a place where it does.

Maybe that’s why this quote stands out to me. Maybe it’s because I’m a romanticist and I can just imagine someone sitting in a cave that shelters them from the rain and then someone else shows up, seeking the same shelter and that’s their soulmate because honestly, how could it not be their soulmate?

Like I said, it’s not called a hiding place because it’s meant to keep people out.

I don’t really know anything so I’m allowed to pretend this is true, but I like to think that if we allow ourselves to go to our hiding places when we most need them, we’ll find the people who matter most to us.


One thought on “I Pseudo-Analyze Quotes.

  1. So the first thing I thought of was “Somewhere Only We Know” ’cause it’s basically that quote spread out over four minutes. I don’t even know how to describe how much I loved this so uhh. Hiding places are like a portable infinity and I love that idea. There was this book series that I was obsessed with back in middle school, and it was about these two wizards who could stash stuff in space-time rifts (or something like that…), and so they could carry their whole lives around with them. Maybe that’s not quite the same thing as hiding places, but that’s what they reminded me of. I love the idea of two people having the same sacred hiding place and I can’t get over how perfect that would be but it’s perfect. Kay I’m done.

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