To be perfectly honest, I think that writing and I have a kind of love-hate relationship. For a long time, I believed that writing was an integral part of my identity, but I think I’ve changed my mind. My new theory is that writing is my Pokemon rival – the one that levels up at the same rate as you, always seems to be where you are, and disagrees with you just for the sake of doing so. When I choose Squirtle at the beginning of the game, writing chooses Bulbasaur, just to mess with me.

You may think this is a weird analogy, which it is, but I promise it has some validity. No matter how I’m feeling or what I’m thinking on any given day, writing challenges me to become the opposite; it balances me. When I was shy, writing challenged me to use my voice, but nowadays, it reminds me to sit down, shut up, and reflect for a little bit. When I’m anxious, writing says not to take myself so seriously. When I become apathetic, it dares me not to give up.

No matter how much I change, writing refuses to be on my side. And in a way that is both counterintuitive and cheesy, I’m ultimately grateful.

Plus, I beat the Elite Four before writing so ha.



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