So, about us. Once upon a time there were two weird little kids who used to sing really loud together at church. Other than that they were really quiet and never really talked to each other. Then one day that changed and now everyone else wishes they would stop screaming at each other about school supplies and English class and their own awkwardness. So this happened. The end.

PS: This story is 100% true. Here is a picture to prove it:

2002a 2009_08_16_23_10_58
lol tbt

About the Blog:

This blog has had its share of ups and downs.

It all started one evening in the spring of 2013, when we were supposed to be doing homework (lol @ junior year), but instead were shopping at Jetpens. While contemplating the very important life choice of an FRQ-dedicated pen for upcoming AP tests,  Sami asked Naomi for her input. Being the pen nerd that she is, Naomi wrote an entire review. So Sami was all, “Dude we should start a pen review blog,” and she was joking except not really, and then we decided to do this.

The blogging process

Okay, that’s not the whole story. Blogging wasn’t necessarily new ground for either of us – we both loved to write, and had kept sporadically-updated personal blogs in the past. But inspired by English class and the vlog brothers’ weekly update structure, we decided to give this a go.

During the summer of 2013, the project was wildly successful. At one point, Sami even recalls deeming it the “best idea we ever had.” Not only were we actually blogging every week, but we were building off of each other’s ideas and thinking about ourselves in a new light. V academic much reflection wow! Does this sound like a pitch for a liberal arts hippie college?

Us after writing a good blog

When senior year rolled around, we were feeling pretty ambitious. We decided to keep the blog going, although we did scale back to an every-other-week schedule (leading to a lot of “crap, is it blogging week???” conversations). It went well at first, especially since we were able to test drive an endless spew of “would this make a good college essay/supplement response?” ideas through the blog.

But by the time we hit March of second semester, senioritis was in full swing, and Sami (gasp) skipped a blog out of sheer laziness. Naomi soon realized that if Sami didn’t blog, she could either a) get a free coffee or b) also get out of blogging that week (!!!)

Looks accurate
Looks accurate

And thus, the blog went silent for a few months. In the summer of 2014, there was a brief resurgence, but it was short-lived. We set out for our respective colleges, and neither of us wrote for a long, long time.

(If this were a picture book, there would be an artsy full-page image spread here of us being at school on opposite sides of the country.)

But now, it’s the summer of 2016 and we are BACK IN BUSINESS. Perhaps it’s because we’ll be apart for the majority of the summer, or because Sami really wanted to redesign the front page, or because we both feel like we could use a little more ~reflection~ in our lives, or some combination of those things.

Moral of this long story: enjoy it while it lasts.

Blog Rules: 

Participating authors must post one (1) new blog post each week. New weeks begin on Mondays at 12:01 AM PST (so cheaters who live in Tennessee can have two extra hours). Any author who fails to post a blog on a given week must buy the other author a beverage of her choice (not exceeding $5 so maybe no venti frappucinos). In the event that the authors are not within a reasonable proximity to purchase beverages for each other, the offending author will venmo the appropriate amount to the receiving author. In the event that both authors fail to post on a given week, there needs to be some punishment but idk what yet.



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