Oops I’m in Houston

Because I really should be doing Enviro homework right now and this is a lot easier than actually thinking and there’s nothing to do on the airplane.

The lady sitting in the aisle seat (I always take the window seat) is kind of scary-looking. But I think it ended up being a good thing because no one sat in the middle seat.

So when you go on Southwest, you get to pick your own seat. Here is a list of kinds of people on airplanes, in order of who you should try to sit next to:

1)      Cute boys

2)     Women who look like moms

3)     Otherwise non-threatening adults

4)     Old people

5)     Little kids

6)     Snobby business people

7)     People who look pissed

8)    People who look like they shouldn’t have gotten through security

Irony: I dropped my napkin and while trying to catch it, spilled my soda on the wall of the airplane. My bad.

They have Cheese-Its on this flight, so this is basically one of the better flights I’ve been on. Even though they’re fake Cheese-Its. Called Cheese Nips. Yeah.

I just found my napkin, so I can sort of clean up the soda. Sort of.

You have to have your ID out while in line for security, so I like to show off the fact that I have a vertical license, unlike all of the old people. I’m sure no one really cares, but I like to pretend.

Some people like to people-watch and try to make up stories about people’s lives, but I like to reverse-people-watch too. Like, pick people and try to make up stuff about yourself from their perspective. Maybe that’s narcissistic, but it’s actually really fun. Does anyone else even do that? Just me? Okay.

“You’re a teenage girl by herself in the airport, so it’s okay if you look lost.” –Things I tell myself while walking around lost in the airport.

I think I scared the dude working at Peets by talking too fast, ‘cause he was like, “Whata whata whata what?” after I finished talking. Sorry dude, I just came from English class.

Everyone here is on their iPad/laptop, and I’m just writing on a piece of binder paper. Cool.

I’ve always wanted to make a random life-long friend on an airplane, like the do in the movies. I actually don’t think I’ve even seen a movie where that’s happened, but you know what I mean. But seriously, how cool would that be? Almost as cool as texting a random number and making friends with them.

So as I was walking through the Denver airport, I tried to imitate all the snobby business people. Good times.

Select stream of consciousness while walking through the Denver airport: “Hahahahaha why are there shoe shining stations here? I want to get my shoes shined. Just kidding I’m wearing flip flops. Ooh, Portland. I want to go to Portland. Ooh Nashville. I want to go to Nashville. Actually not really. Wait why am I applying to Vanderbilt? Oh right because cowboys and horses. Omg dude, they have Einstein Bro’s Bagels. I want a bagel. Jk I ate so much food already.”

Good thing no one can read my mind.

I hate bubbly water, so every once in a while, I try bubbly water just to see if this time will be the time that I finally like it. (Yes, that’s totally normal. Probably.) So I ordered bubbly water on the plane, and while I was waiting for it to come, I was writing this paragraph in my head, all prepared to end it with “This time was not that time.” But then I tried it and I actually liked it. So now I’m all disoriented and stuff. Not sure if I actually like bubbly water now or this is just a one time thing. I will keep you posted.

If you’ve never been in a really humid place before, think about what it would feel like to be blasted with the exact opposite of air conditioning. Yeah. Anyway, Houston is really humid.

So we went to a place called House of Pies for dinner. And their logo was a house with the pi symbol on it. Yeah.

The tour guide was like, “And the shuttle runs to a Super Target every Saturday!” No one else on the tour seemed to share my excitement. Oops. Another exciting piece of information that only I seemed to be excited about: “Professors are always going to lunch with students.” Clearly I’m looking for a lot of important things in a college.

We were eating lunch at the sandwich place, and there were these two pretentious ladies who literally talked about Myer-Briggs personality types for like an hour. They probably thought I didn’t know what they were talking about, but I did. Ha.

The weather today: First it was hot. Then it was raining. Then it was super hot. Then it was super hot and raining. Then it was super raining.

No, like actually.

Homework time. Ew. Next blog will be a quality blog. Probably.


One thought on “Oops I’m in Houston

  1. I laughed so much that everyone in my house probably thinks I’m weird now. Not that they didn’t before…

    Also reverse people-watching is totally life in general ’cause we present ourselves to the world so that we think the people watching us will think certain things about us. And I want to go to college near a Super Target.

    I love bubbly water. Except, the weird thing about it is that when it gets flat, it’s gross. Regular water isn’t gross just ’cause it isn’t bubbly, but people’s expectations get raised with bubbly water.

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